Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Build a Pig Pen

So today, I am writing to you about how to build a pig pen.  When deciding where to place your pigs, first you need to be able to clear the area where you want to house your pigs.  So once you have cleared your area, then you need to get your supplies together to start constructing the pen.  Here is the list of supplies:
(2) 4'x4'x8' pressure treated posts
(8) 8' landscape timber
(2) 1lb box of deck and patio nails
(16) 5/4x6"x12' pressure treated boards
(8) 5/4x6"x10' pressure treated boards
(3) 4'x8' sheet of plywood
post hole diggers
(2) hinges for a gate
(1) 1x4x8 pressure treated board
Now these supplies cost me $118.  You can buy any of these supplies at any local hardware or home improvement stores.  It is imperative to make sure that all of your boards are straight and not twisted or bowed.  

So now here is the steps that needs to take place to construct your pen.
1. Mark off your 10 ft by 24 ft area.
2. Dig your corner post holes 2 ft deep.
3. Cut the 4x4x8 posts to 4 ft lengths.  There should be 4 posts total.
4. Now put the posts in the holes.
5. Mark off the next holes on the sides by 4 ft increments which should be 5 holes on each side.
6. Cut the landscape timbers to 4 ft lengths.
7. Place the 4 ft timbers into the holes.
8. Now for the end sections, dig holes at 3.5 ft lengths.  (Should be 2 holes)
9. Place 4 ft timbers into the holes.
10. Nail the 12 ft boards to the posts.  This establishes the sides of the pen.
11. On the back side, nail the 10 ft boards to the posts on the end.
This establishes the three sides of the pen.
12. Cut the remaining 10 ft boards to 3.5 ft lengths. (There should be 8 boards at 3.5 ft and 4 boards at 3 ft)
13. Nail the 3.5 ft boards to the corner and middle posts.
14. Cut the 1x4 to two 2 ft lengths.
15. Construct the gate by nailing the 2ft and 3 ft lengths to form a gate.  
16. Take the hinges and screw it onto the 1x4 and one of the middle posts, making it swing inwards.
17. Nail the plywood into the back of the 10 ft section. This helps construct the shelter portion of the pen.
18. Place the 4 ft sections of the landscape timbers 3.5 ft away from the back wall.
19. Nail in the plywood on the top of landscape timbers and on the timbers on the back wall.
20. Cut the last plywood board to 4 ft lengths.
21. Nail the 4 ft sections to the sides of the shelter.

Now the pig pen has been constructed, you can put in at least two pigs into that pen.  Make sure you put in some hay into your shelter to help give warmth.  Pigs like to burrow in their bedding.  Make sure you keep the pig pen clean because they are very clean animals. 


  1. would this pen work for sows and piglets

  2. Sorry that I did not respond sooner. I have not been on in a while. But yes this peen would work for both. I had a sow and one piglet in here but we could have had up to 6 piglets in here with one sow.

  3. what did u use to keep them from digging a hole under bottom board..

    1. I never had any issues with the pigs trying to dig under my fence. But I have seen where an electric fence could be used on the bottom board of the fence to keep the pigs from digging out.

  4. you can use a electic fence

  5. big ads here you can use 240volt electric fence for the honey smoked smell

    1. I laughed way harder than I should have.